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Founded on January 7th, 2022 by businessman Isaac Mashman, Mashman Properties is a privately held real estate investment firm headquartered out of Jacksonville, Florida that invests in and purchases various assets and properties.

Our Investment Focus

Vacant Land

Both developed and undeveloped lots. Sizes ranging from .01 acres and above

Commercial Real Estate

A focus for 2025 and beyond will be shopping malls and strips, corporate offices, and other related real estate

Domestically - States prioritized are Florida, Arkansas, and Nevada

International - South American and European countries are prioritized

Our Founder

Isaac Mashman standing in his white Mashman Ventures hoodie with his back facing the skyline of Little Rock, Akansas

Isaac Mashman - Most notably known for his work in the Public Relations and Personal Branding sectors, Isaac Mashman is a businessman, coffee addict, author, podcaster, speaker, and investor. He took the next step in his career in 2022 when he launched Mashman Properties which now serves as his personal portfolio manager for real estate transactions and related investments.

More Than Real Estate

"Investing into real estate and properties gives you a piece of the physical world. They're not making more land, after all."

- Isaac Mashman

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